Residency By Investment in


The largest Spanish speaking nation in the world, Argentina is a South American country. With a population of 45.6 Million, and a total GDP of US$ 1.033 Trillion, Argentina is a well-developed economy ranking very high on the human development index. It benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, a diversified industrial base, and an export-oriented agricultural sector, making the economy of Argentina Latin America’s third-largest and second largest in South America. 

The capital is Buenos Aires. Argentina runs on UTC -3 Time, and the currency is Argentinian Peso (ARS). 

Citizens are referred to as Argentinians.

Argentina offers an easy path to permanent residency through the establishment of businesses or through investment, and the option to obtain Argentinian Citizenship in 2 – 3 years.

Advantages of Argentina Citizenship

  • Visa free or visa on arrival to 114 countries across the world with an Argentinian passport

  • Excellent quality of life and living standards

  • Inclusion of spouses without prejudice (Including LGBTQ couples), children and family members

  • Highly dynamic real estate market and business sector

  • Well positioned geographically for individuals looking to do business in South America

  • Shortest Citizenship pathway through Residency by Investment in the world

  • Path to Citizenship in Argentina after 2 years of Permanent Residency

Key Facts